• Empower the attendees

    The more the public interacts, the more lively your event gets.

  • Offer an expression board

    Your audience can react in real time and open the discussion.

  • Q/A re-invention

    Increase both quality and volume on public-to-speaker questions session. Everyone can join the conversation.

  • Mesure your audience “heartbeat”

    Receive real-time feed-back, your speakers can mesure their keynote’s impact.

  • Increase your online visibility

    Incline your attendees to post on social networks and to spread the word. You make it buzz.

  • Show your event activity on Twitter

    Your event now echoes all over the place.


is the ultimate tool to augment your events.
  • Everyone can send tweets and SMS

    In the room, on the assembly spot, online, a mere phone enables your audience to interact.

  • You decide on what is on display in real time

    Our powerful and intuitive moderation system lets you choose very precisely what is onscreen.

  • Your audience responds to it

    Anyone can see the screen onto which messages are displayed, and members of both audience and panel can respond.

  • You rebuild the track of your event

    After your event is finished you can have access to every messages and analytics.


to meet your needs


    A priori moderation

    Each message has to be validated by the moderator before being displayed. You have accurate control on what is on display, you choose only the best for a quality experience for your audience..


    A posteriori moderation

    Messages are displayed automatically as they come along, with the possibility of removing the irrelevant ones. You do not need to have somebody always in charge of the moderation, spontaneity is the rule.

agowall is
fully based
on web technologies
all you need is
a browser-equipped computer
and an Internet connection.
No specific hardware, nor software to install


  • A. twitter

    Choose keywords, hashtags, accounts and lists that you want to display.
    ex. : #space + Nasa + #CapCanaveral + @Nasa + Nasa/Nasa-On-Twitter

  • B. SMS with short number

    Choose your keyword (4+ characters), Attendees can send their message via a short-number SMS using your keyword as a prefix.
    ex. : "GIANTS what a run!"


    As the host of an event, you can broadcast messages directly from the moderation web tool.
    ex. : "The next panel will start in 5 minutes."


    Set the display time of each message, as well as their lifetime dunring which they can come up.
    ex. : each message is displayed for 5 seconds and can be displayed again as long as it is more recent than 20 minutes.


    Upload your own background, as well as your moderator avatar. The screen is charted with your logo and colors. Messages are displayed one by one or three by three.
    We make graphical creation and/or customised animation on order.


    You are given every message, with their author, timestamp and analytics. You can rebuild precisely the debate.


    The a priori moderation mode has the following features:
    - validation/deletion of messages
    - display of special messages
    - comeback
    - pause


    The a posteriori moderation mode has the following features:
    - automatic display of messages
    - manual deletion of irrelevant messages



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